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We are a private training institution with our sole focus on Ancillary Health Care, First Aid, OHS, Fire Safety and all aspects of Emergency Healthcare training.
We are a First Responder Training Facility first and foremost; we do not “dabble” in training as a by-product of greater business interests.

We will give sound educated advice to our clients on any aspect of their emergency medical training requirements, tailor make specific courses to suit their particular needs and advise on aspects such as HWSETA and Department of Labour – first aid requirements, Ancillary Healthcare, emergency and disaster management.

To provide Health Care Training (focus being on First Responder Training) in all areas of the pre-hospital environment, in line with SAQA’s & the NQF’s quality and equality principles, from offering short course training, critical skills programmes and ultimately a full healthcare qualification.

The Academy specialises in Healthcare Management Training, focusing primarily on the pre-hospital, industrial and community based healthcare programmes with quality service and education for all as a priority.

Through our courses we want to arm people with the skills TO SAVE A LIFE, either through prevention or immediate correct responses in any emergency situation.

We believe in respect for all, above all.
Honesty, integrity and accountability will always be our priority.
We believe that quality training will increase our client base.
We strive for a cheerful environment that will benefit both the facilitator and learners.
We embrace the cultures of the rainbow nation to share the healthcare experience.

SAB: Lungi – 031 910 1168
UNILEVER: Shana – 087 742 2143
Fidelity Security: Bernie / Lorna – 031 705 9911